Basic Test Package ($40) Includes:

  • Vacuum filtering of 100mL sample inside a biosafety cabinet
  • Plating the filter on your choice of agar medium (e.g. WLD or SDA)
  • HLP test of 1mL sample (a standard Lacto/Pedio test)
  • Incubation of plated filter & HLP tube at 30°C for 3 days
  • Counting & describing colonies
  • Microscopy & biochemical tests identifying the genus of common beer-spoiler bacteria, & describing other microbes observed

Regular Service

Sign up for regular, weekly service, and get $5 off/sample/test, and discounts on sample pick-up.

Requires a minimum of 2 samples/wk.

Genetic Testing ($90/test)

qPCR genetic testing can identify specific beverage-spoiling organisms with accuracy, sensitivity, and speed.

We work with customers to stock genetic tests for any species of bacteria or yeast of interest. Available tests are run within 24 hours of receiving samples, and/or enriched for 48 hours for added sensitivity.

Other Services

Consulting: $50/hr

Call to discuss pricing on strain isolation and banking and propagation of proprietary strains of yeast or bacteria.