Testing – When? Why? How?

When should I test?

Gold standard beverage quality and safety monitoring means sampling and testing each time anything is added to a batch.

Why should I test?

Find potential sources of contamination in your manufacturing process.

Eliminate problems.

Prevent small problems from becoming big, expensive ones.

Improve beverage quality.

At a minimum, know what contaminants are in your final, packaged product.

Make informed decisions on:

• recommended shelf life

• whether/when to distribute

• how to improve processes

Our biosafety cabinet with a sample filtering.
© Photo by Hannah Graver

How can I test?

Modern beverage contamination testing requires:

  • sterile conditions
  • expensive equipment and supplies
  • skill in microscopy and microbe ID

Local Libations Lab provides expertise and testing without the space, costs, and trained staff needed for an in-house lab.

Lab Manager Marcus examines a Petri dish.
© Photo by Hannah Graver